Sannino was an Internationally recognized brand, noted for it’s bright red signature color.

“The Sannino Cycles was formed in 1978 in Turin. The founding members were: Sannino, Sannicandro, Cavallito and Brusaschetto, (the company) was intended to produce frames for racing bikes of high range… (snip) …. Mauro was the frame builder of the group”

In more recent years, Mauro Sannino has worked with German bicycle company Corratec in manufacturing carbon fiber bikes.

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Updated 3.28.2014

Mauro Sannino

Picture courtesy Georg Anner

Mauro Sannino

Picture courtesy
Günther Schoberth-Schwingenstein

From Bicycle Pacific's spec sheet for Sannino

Christian Marmor's Sannino road bike

Georg Anner's Sannino bicycle

Günther Schoberth-Schwingenstein’s Sannino bicycle with Campagnolo 50th Anniversary gruppo.

Roberto Destefanis' Sannino Victory 1984 bicycle

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