Milani Gino

via Salieri 2, San Michele (Verona), Italy

“Built for many builders including Colner, Chiorda, Bianchi, Bottechia, Leri, Pinarello, Battaglin, Colnago, and Moser. Died in 1990.” from Guide to Used Bicycles by Lou Deeter

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Updated 10.31.2013

Early 1970s Gino Milani road bike

Courtesy eBay seller “Mike”

Mid 1970s road fully 1st generation Dura Ace

Courtesy eBay seller “bierisi”

A beautiful road bike circa late 1980s...

(Click for 15 photo gallery courtesy Stefan Sandoli)

Late 1970s Milani built by his nephew, Dario Pegoretti

Courtesy Gita Sporting Goods