Updated 8.1.2004

Adamo Modolo founded MODOLO in 1952. In the beginning they were just component suppliers for touring and “every day” bikes. by 1975, Modolo equipped 1 million bikes. They got into the racing business in 1976, when son Domenico joined the company and designed the Professional brake…”

1985: Modolo Bottechia "KronoTech" show bike

1978: The brakes were produced in different colors and the levers drilled.
1979: Speedy and Flash brakes introduced
1980: Kronos levers (first aero levers with internal cable routing). These were made of carbon.
1981: Kronos brakes: reduced center pull, very light and little wind resistance. Only 3000 produced!
1982: Corsa, Sporting and Cross brakes. “919” anatomic grips introduced. First anatomic grips worldwide.
1983: Master-Pro brake featuring titanium bolts, anthracite hard anodized calipers, white levers, sinterized brake pads w/o rubber or asbestos, Ridden by Hinault, Fignon and Lemond (Renault-Elf-Gitane) including Lemond’s World Championship.
1985: Hydraulic brake for road cycle,for Colnago-Ferrari prototype-bike.
1985: Kronotech mono-body full carbon bike by Bottecchia/Modolo.
1986: Anatomic bars – another first.
 Two-piece stem and series “90” brakes

Ads from the 1950s

Double sided hub.

A pair of hubs, circa 1940s