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Updated 9.20.2020


Cambio Corsa derailleur
ensemble with original dual lever system
Hub rolls back & forward in toothed dropout
Pictures courtesy eBay seller “artbici”

At the 2013 Tokyo Handmade Bike Show. Hugo Vanneck took this video of the Cambio Corsa in action

courtesy Mr. Nagasawa of Nagasawa Racing Cycles.
copyright & owned by Hugo Vanneck

1949~ 1950:

Cambio Corsa Paris Roubaix model
using just one quick release lever & complex “gear box”.
Pictures courtesy eBay seller “artbici”

As installed on bicycle:

1951: Gran Sport Top-of-the-line set from 1951 until 1963

Pictures Courtesy Peter Brown

1965 - 1973: Record

chrome over bronze, improved range and performance over the earlier Gran Sport.

1967: Nuovo Record

Aluminum alloy rear derailleur was perhaps the “standard
of high performance” longer than any any other derailleur.

1967: Valentino

economy derailleur

Gran Sport front derailleur is similar to Valentino front derailleur

Telling the difference between
the Gran Sport front (top of the line in 1950s) and the Valentino front derailleur (economy model of the 60s & early 70s.)
See chart HERE

1971: Gran Turismo

was a super wide range but inexpensively made unit

1973: 1st generation Super Record

It essentially was a Nuovo Record unit with titanium top & bottom pivot
bolts and black anodized upper & lower body parts.

1974: Nuovo Gran Sport

less expensive and less well finished model based upon the N. Record geometry…

1974: first edition Rally

To many minds, the best all round touring derailleur ever made.

1979: 2nd generation Super Record

1980: Model 980 worked amazingly well for an econo design.

1982: new Rally

with a different body, no longer slant parallelogram (less effective design)