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“The top Ideor models featured early Columbus tubing. Lower models used Mannesmann tubing. They are very similar in style to Olmo (and about 10 km away) and several other Italian makers of the era. The company also built city bikes, etc.”

“The Ideor serial numbers were stamped on the non-drive side seat tube cluster—at least mine and every other one I’ve seen was. They were also stamped on the steerer tube.”
“There was the large IDEOR Asso decal on the down tube, the winged lion band decal on the seat tube, lovely model decals on the fork blades, a smaller winged lion decal on the top of the down tube, a small silver “Made in Italy” rosette on the top of the top tube, just behind the head tube, and a Columbus tubing decal on the seat tube, just below the seat cluster lugs. There was also usually a distributor/retailer decal on the lower section of the seat tube.”

“Ideor at one time sponsored a professional racing team. They existed in 1954 at least, as a Spanish team, and the great cyclist and cycling personality, Raphael Geminani, rode for them, as well as the Spanish rider Salvador Botella Rodrigo. Their team color was purple, and they had really cool jerseys with the Ideor typeface. Here is a link to their team standings”

“Depending on the model, Ideor machines featured either Ideor-branded Magistroni headsets and seat collars, as well as Magistroni cranks, and Campy Gran Sport components. As you went up the line Campy cranks, headsets and other parts replaced Magistroni. They take a very low-stack-height headset, often hard to find.”

“Dating from the late ’40s to the early ’60s, their racing bikes are well worth obtaining, and a track machine is especially desirable.”

Peter Jourdain July 26, 2010

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Ideor 1962 catalog

as imported by the Montrose Bike Shop, California. Scans courtesy Jim Gude

Ideor Asso bike on display at Cupertino Bike Shop

Ideor bike

on display at ReCycles in Portland (during 2008 NAHBS)

Ideor Asso

pictures courtesy Peter Jourdain