Founded by the great Professional -1912-1936- champion Costante Girardengo
(1893-1978) and his two sons Luciano and Ettore in Alessandria, Novi Ligure, Italy.
The assembly of Girardengo bicycles was moved to the prison of Alessandria,
Novi Ligure in the mid-1960s.

Updated 6.24.2017

Constante Girardengo's Palmarès include:

1913 Italian Road Championship
1914 Italian Road Championship; Milano-Torino
1915 Milano-Torino
1918 Milano-San Remo
1919 Giro del Piemonte; Giro d’Italia; Italian
Road Championship; Milano-Torino; Giro di Lombardia
1920 Giro del Piemonte; Italian Road
Championship; Milano-Torino
1921 Italian Road Championship; Milano-San Remo; Giro di Lombardia
1922 Italian Road Championship; Giro di Lombardia
1923 Italian Road Championship; Milano-San Remo; Milano-Torino
1924 Giro del Piemonte; Giro d’Italia; Italian Road Championship
1925 Italian Road Championship; Milano-San Remo
1926 Milano-San Remo
1927 Milano-San Remo

Courtesy Chuck Schmidt

Girardengo, Constante (1893- 1978)

He was the first rider to be declared a “Campionissimo,” or “Champion of champions.” He was Italian road champion a record nine times in a row. But for the intervention of World War I, when no national championship was held in Italy from 1915 to 1918, the record might have been even greater.

Constante Girardengo

Aldo Ross's 1964 Girardengo bicycle

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