One of the legendary brands in Italian lightweight cycling history.

Updated 10.20.2014

by Luca De Ponti translated by G. Hollenberg

translated by Steven Maasland

by Joel Metz

1948 Umberto Dei

“Mod. Superleggero in original decals and painting…..Simplex derailleur, Umberto Dei hubs and crankset, Universal brakes and a good FNI saddle. We have also a Nanni steel bar and Sheffield pedals. The bike has beautiful hand cast lugs and a special fork crown in good chrome condition.”

Photos by Luca De Ponti

Photos by Luca De Ponti

Martk Campbell's early-mid-1960s Umberto Dei bicycle

Serial number73D2235 stamped vertically on the right side of the seat tube below the seat lug