Alfio Bonanno (?~ 2008?) Catania, Sicily

Updated 11.11.2011

Alfio Bonanno built bikes for great champions such as Francesco Moser.
He had his tricks to build bicycles. First of all the cyclists went to his dark workshop in Catania in Sicily. Like a tailor, he took the measurements of the legs, the bust, and the arms of the cyclist. And according to these measures developed the frame. I was a kid when I went to find him in his workshop that was narrow and long and total black in the heart of the city.
The elephant coat of arms on your bike is the symbol of Catania (which we call Sicilian “liotru”. )
None of her children or grandchildren wanted to follow the art of him because he was a closed person. He worked alone and did not want anybody between his feet.”

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