The superlight Scheeren rims were patented pre War, (1938) The special rough bed version was introduced in the early 1950s.

Updated 10.14.2013

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Special thanks to Carsten Rehbein

1936 Prices for Scheeren Rims

from vintage Stollenwerk Katalog

  •  Alloy Scheeren Weltmeister rims 220 grams Price 10.70 Reichsmark
  •  Alloy Scheeren Standart around 280 Gramm Price 8.80 Reichsmark
  •  Wood Scheeren Berufsfahrer ( Professional) 360 Gramm Price 4.90 Reichsmark

(At that time, a Kilo Bread would cost 0.36 RM and a soldier would be paid around 100 Rm/mo!) 



Scheeren rims on eBay in 2008

Ken Wallace's Cinelli with Altenburger components

“Wooden blocks reinforcing each spoke nipple hole and a wide box section were the secret to the strength of these light weight rims. The wooden blocks allowed the tension of the spoke to be displaced evenly by both the top and bottom layers of the rim’s aluminum structure.”