Established in 1935, Altenburger GB was first a manufacturer of bicycle rims, then brakes and derailleurs. Founder Karl Altenburger, was successful pro racer in his earlier years. Located in Jestetten, Germany, this company is now the producer of electronic controls.

Updated 10.14.2013

Altenburger's self centering side pull brake set

Thanks to Ken Toda for pictures

Rear derailleur mechanism

“In 1950, Karl Altenburger bought the patent for the horizontally pivoting rear derailleur from Nieddu, Mariani, and Blaser. … Heinz Muller, a famous German bicycle racer, was also a skilled toolmaker, and he revised the first model to incorporate a horizontal parallelogram. … It was sold in the UK as the GB Altenburger.” Frank Berto

Ken Wallace's Cinelli with Altenburger components

Special thanks to Brandon Ives for pictures