Updated 9.8.2014

A tradition of hubs, handlebars and ? that were top-of-the-line.

Etablissements Cl. Pélissier, later Ets. Pélissier Père et Fils, which has been founded in 1909 by Claude Pélissier in Saint-Etienne, 10 rue Chomier.

“I am quite sure that there is no relation to the three racing brothers by the same name. Besides Pélissier, other brands used by this company for their hubs were Primm-Hub, C.P. and Plume. I think it was in the early 1970 years when Perrin et Courson bought the Pélissier brand. As they operated together with Maillard a combined office of development the well-known Pélissier high flange hubs were also marketed under Perrin-Maillard.

Christoph Ulbrich on the Classic Rendezvous google group


Boxed set (with original box) dates from the early 1940s. The question remains as to how these hubs are related to later Pelissier hubs made by Maillard, etc.? Same company with  change in name? Merger? Assignment of name?

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The logo with two eagles carrying a hub in their claws. Even the hub cones are marked as Pelissier

A set of 1960s era high flange Pelissier hubs.