WHY is 1983 the cut-off year
for the Classic Rendezvous web site?

   No matter what cut-off point we choose, someone would argue it wasn't correct and that we should change to include their favorite era. There are convincing arguments that it should be earlier and reasonable points for it being later.

   But we have firmly settled on 1983 for these inter-related reasons:

1.) The trend of less craftsman hand worked bikes and more machine assisted manufacture & automated assembly processes in bicycles.

2.) The death of Tullio Campagnolo. The end of an era that was so important to fine bicycles. And the subsequent introduction of more flaws in design by this firm.

3.) The phasing out of Campagnolo Nuovo Record/Super Record... Yes, it lasted until 1987 but became the stepchild to new and unfortunately inferior component groups: Triomphe, Victory, Croce D'Aune and C-Record. This began the 20 year decline of Campagnolo and the accession of Shimano.

4.) The introduction and ascension of mountain bikes.
5.) The marked increase in welding (vs brazing) of steel frames, and then a dramatic increase of aluminum and carbon fiber frames.

6.) The approximate introduction time of clipless pedals. (Look, etc.)

7.) The approximate introduction of & adoption of cycle computers.

8.) The "aero" era with introduction of Dura Ace AX, etc.

9.) The approximate time of introduction & use at all levels of indexed or "click" shifting. 

And there are other less significant but cumulative changes that make 1983 the best choice for the end of an era.


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