Chicago, Illinois
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Updated 4.16.2012

    The cycling history of the Wastyn family is intertwined in the whole tradition of United States cycling. Started at the turn of the century by Emil Wastyn, the Wastyn bicycle business continues today under the management of Scott, the fourth generation to continue this heritage. 

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Restored Wastyn bikes on display in shop.

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    Not only did the Wastyns make the first Schwinn Paramounts but they had a great effect on racing bike design. Albert Eisentraut was first exposed to cycle frame building when he hung around the Wastyn shop as a youth.

    The webmaster's visit to the shop on Fullerton St. in old Chicago revealed a treasure trove of bicycles and mementos of the years of Wastyn involvement. Special thanks to the Wastyn family.

Greg Parker's bike


1930s chrome "racing iron" in Wastyn collection.

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