Bicycle Rims
Updated 3.4.201

      "The Nisi 'Campione del Mondo' 1988, Nisi were saying that "its green years are past...." and that it was the "father of the Corsa Stretto" - their most successful rim - Given that it came in at about one quarter of the price of their top rim - the G27 - I think it was more a sales special in 1988, but as the story behind the 'Campione del Mondo' is that Fausto Coppi won the World championship on these rims in 1953 and they produced the Gold anodized version as a tribute to this. Also available in 450, 500, 550, and 600C sizes!"
       "As a tribute to (cycles de ORO), the Nisi part number was R260AORO!"

                                              Bob Reid, Stonehaven, Scotland

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NISI Sew up rim weights
Courtesy Chuck Schmidt VeloRetro

Sludi Mod. 290 

290g Pista m.20 350g

Sludi Mod. 320

320g Corsa Stretto 430g


350g Corsa CdM 430g

Super Corsa TN NT