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     In 1954, Paulo & Italo Guerciotti established a small store outside Milan. Both brothers raced; Italo was a roadie, riding in the 1959 and 1960 World Championships. Paulo was an accomplished cyclocross racer who represented Italy in the 1979 'Worlds'. They used various builders to construct their frames, including Galmozzi, and uncle Lino Tempesta. In 1980, Antonio Mondonico became a partner & production manager.

Jack Bissell's early 1970s "Guerc"

Tony Brown's early 1978 bike


Late 1970s bike
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Bikes as seen at the New York International Bike Show, late 1970s


A pink smoke paint job...


SLX bike with "smoked" finish

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A very clean, original SL frame set.

Detail views of an investment cast lug Columbus SL frame...

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A very popular yet modestly priced ALAN made Guerciotti

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Super Record bike as depicted in 1983 catalog

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