The Cinelli Story
by Mark Petry

Pedals, handlebars, stems, toe straps, saddles, frame lugs, bottom brackets and fork crowns.

Cino Cinelli was hugely influential on the direction of
modern racing bikes through his designs for components.

Updated 4.2.2014

Cinelca1.jpg (58705 bytes)
- Cinelli aluminum bars introduced.
1968 - Cinelli aluminum stem Mod. 1/A (A = aluminum) introduced.
1973 - Cinelli aluminum stem Mod. 1/R (R = Record) introduced.
1975 - Cinelli Mod. 1/A stem pinch bolt nut changed to allen nut fitting.
1978 - Cinelli Cino & C. sold to Antonio Columbo
(owner of Columbus tubing
               and 3 ttt)
logo changed to "Flying C" soon after.
Thanks to ChuckSchmidt                                                                       

Cinelli Timeline
courtesy Chuck Schmidt

bars & stems

Cinelli Only
Cinelli info
Italian Cycling Journal
Components section
A Visit With
Cino Cinelli

by David V. Herlihy

Original steel handlebar stems w/ badge... 1A stem with old logo (4 pictures)

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1950s & early 60s steel bar & stem..


Left: 1980s 1R    Center:  1R w/new logo    Right:   XR stem..

GuerStem.jpg (28234 bytes)           wpe145.jpg (28993 bytes)         

The first clipless pedal?
Cinelli mod M-71 


The short lived  Cinelli Bivalent hub system

     Bicycle Guide magazine article about Bivalent hubs by John Derven

      There were two styles issued by Cinelli; the first had a chromed steel center barrel with aluminum hub flanges. The later version had an all aluminum hub body.
     The Bivalent hub set "
... came out in the early 1960s, probably 1961 or 62. The change-over to one-piece shells seems likely in 1967"
Gary DellaRossa on the Classic Rendezvous Google group

A wheel set

Set_1.jpg (187480 bytes)     F_hub.jpg (157714 bytes)     F_hub2.jpg (45746 bytes)     Freewheel_1.jpg (48198 bytes)     FW_and_skewer.jpg (26765 bytes)     Freewheel_2.jpg (47409 bytes)

A set shown in bike frame
Photos courtesy Al VarickS


 NOS  Bivalent hub
pictures courtesy Jan Johnson



Cinelli ~ Unica saddles
Cinelli marketed the Unica brand plastic saddles

Unica page HERE 

Frame building

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New logo that was introduced in 1978.

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