27260 Pont Saint Pierre, France

Thron and Berthet company's Idéale saddles date from 1890 and ceased production
in 1986~7. Any further information about their business duration would be appreciated.

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Idéale Saddles 
Model Guide

By Eric Anschutz

 Idéale  advertisement
in Cycling magazine 1940s.

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Idéale mod. 2
10 pictures

Idéale mod. 45


Idéale mod. 52


Idéale mod. 57


Idéale mod. 59


Idéale  mod. 65
with dropped "nose."


Idéale mod. Cyclo-Touriste 72  
Pictures courtesy eBay seller ProBikeFrance


 1950s-60s Idéale 
 with relieved top, model unknown.


Ron Kitching 1981 catalog
 showing range at that time

Idéale  mod. 80

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Idéale mod. 87
(6 pictures)

Idéale mod. 88
with the "Rebour process"

Idéale mod. 90
introduced in 1965

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Idéale mod. 90
with aluminum alloy rails.

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Idéale  mod. 92 Diagonale:
a wider version of the popular 90.

Ideale~2.jpg (76431 bytes)    Ideale2.jpg (15372 bytes)

Idéale "swallow" style w/cutaway side flaps.

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wpe9E.jpg (17303 bytes)   wpeA1.jpg (13229 bytes)   wpeA2.jpg (16525 bytes)

Idéale  mod. 90 in saddle tan.

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Idéale  mod. 2003 with nylon body.

Ideale~3.jpg (57618 bytes)    2003side.jpg (88885 bytes)   2003rear.jpg (77718 bytes)    wpe131.jpg (29294 bytes)

Idéale  mod.  2004 "Super Comfort"

Ide2004.jpg (50291 bytes)   Ideale4.jpg (39176 bytes)   Ideale3.jpg (18356 bytes)

Idéale mod. Profil TB 1


 Idéale  mod. "Columbia" advertisement 1980s


Produced in the later days of Idéale. (1981-1987?)
In addition to it's unusual "hawk nose" shape, it has an atypical
webbed pattern on the under surface of the leather.

Pictures courtesy eBay seller ProBikeFrance


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