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S-A's huge range of hubs! 
Photo courtesy Tony Hadland


             Tony HADLAND BOOKS    HERE
Dealing, in part, with Sturmey Archer.
Especially noteworthy are the 1954 Master Catalogue pages. These are high definition zoomable images in Adobe Acrobat format and provide detailed maintenance instructions for many of the classic hubs together with cutaways.

Sturmey Archer's
 web site HERE

Sheldon Brown's
"Servicing Old 3 Speeds" HERE

Sheldon Brown & Mark Bulgier's
 "50 years of Sturmey-Archer" HERE

includes a history of the company, and it's products

Circa 1938 close ratio
AR racing hub...

1953 ad for 3 speed
fixed gear ASC

The most collectible
Sturmey Archer hub?

Sheldon Brown's ASC Hub page   HERE

Shift lever "Triggers"


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