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 Moret-sur-Loing, near Fontainebleau.
Among the most popular lugs of the 1970s ~ 80s.

Steven Sheffield's
Prugnat Gallery

This illustration is from a 1970's Proteus brochure

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Lug set which is "earless" and shown options for binder bolt.


Frame builder Brian Baylis' penciled drawing for potential future reworking 

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Lug set showing reinforced seat post binder bolt

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Late 1950s ~ late 1980s. Andre Bertin and Ron Kitching's house brand,
the name made from elements of the famous Italian race, Milan-San Remo.
Web Blog dedicated to this Marque HERE
Magazine ad with Milremo rims

Milremo fork crown

Milremo dropouts

Milremo saddle
(looking very much like a Zeus/Arius)

Picture courtesy Hilary Stone

2 different Milremo stems


Galibier center pull brake, 1962




("Wagner") fork crowns were extremely prevalent in
the 1960's-80s and were
offered in quite a few variations.

Fork crowns
pix taken at Brian Baylis' shop


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